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As an electrical & generator company we have learnt over the years of the demand of generator refueling.

So we started a mobile diesel service.

We deliver diesel to construction sites, diesel boilers, hospitals etc.

Our technicians consist of PDP licenses as well as dangerous  goods licences.

Metered diesel deliveries with signed proof of delivery documents, renders the deal trustworthy & fair.

Rolec strive to protect your assets & clean after your generator fill up.

Generator Low Level Fuel Alarm
Know when your Generator refill is required with no hassle.

Get you low fuel alarm today!! With free installation.

Low fuel alarm with GSM controller as soon as the level drops the float will drop and a SMS will be send to you and your diesel supplier.

Contact Rolec Diesel for more information. This video also explains how the alarm will work

Dont let Loadsheddng get you down. Stay on top and your Generator fueled up.